Oregon Beach Vacations: 10 Tips to do it Right

Those who have had the privilege of visiting the Oregon Coast can attest to its beauty. No wonder it’s a huge draw for tourists and locals alike, though its stunning scenery isn’t all it has to offer. Along with picturesque beaches, Oregon offers plenty of places to shop, eat and explore, with spending reaching nearly 2 billion dollars in the summer of 2018. While the coastal weather can be fickle and a bit different from the beach most may imagine, it is a must see. An Oregon beach vacation is a trip that should find its way onto everyone’s bucket list.

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Oregon Beach Vacations: Do It Right

Before leaving for any vacation, packing is an obvious must. Don’t plan to wear typical beachwear on this coastline, unless the weather is unusually warm, Oregon beaches call for varying amounts of layering on any given day. Some of those layers may need to be waterproof, and not because of the ocean. The rain falls often here, but that won’t dampen any plans. There are plenty of indoor activities for when the weather isn’t cooperating. Travel to Lincoln City for some discount shopping at their well known outlets, stop off at Seaside for small shops and their antique mall, and Cannon Beach for a souvenir or two.

Shopping can work up an appetite and it would be a mistake to hit the coast without some local, seafood cuisine. For amazing fish and chips, Bowpicker is an obvious choice, but be prepared for a line and the possibility of it selling out. For a place that covers breakfast to dinner, Wild Flower Grill has it all--an amazing set of vegetarian and traditional options at great prices.

Oregon is home to some great breweries and the ones along the coast are up there with the best of them. Be sure to make a pit stop for a pint at Fort George Brewing and one would be remiss to skip out on the exquisite sour beer offering that DeGarde Brewing has.

With shopping, good eats, and quality brews a day could easily be filled exploring indoors, especially when avoiding the rain.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Once the sun peeks out, or even if it’s still raining, there’s so much to see outside. The Pacific Ocean is a sight to behold, but so is the sea life it hosts. The sea lions often line the decks in Astoria, the tide pools are home to many creatures, and there are even boats available for whale watching tours. Beyond that, fishing and crabbing expeditions are also available and provide a real ocean experience. For the thrill seekers out there, travel to Florence and hit up the sand dunes. Hiking, ATV rentals, dune buggies and even dune boards are all unique, exhilarating outdoor activities!

The beaches in Oregon can make for the perfect playground. Rent a bike and ride it along the beach or fly a kite when the wind picks up (better yet, book a stay with the Olivia Beach Camp Cabins or another rental where bikes and kites come with your stay). There’s also no shortage of hikes in the area. No matter where on the map you look, a hike is likely nearby. The coast truly has endless opportunities for you to get outside and enjoy it!

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