Planning a Sweet Oregon Coast Road Trip

brewries and wineries

McMenamins is one of the best-loved brewery/restaurant/hotel outfits in the northwest. They have many interesting, unique locations throughout western Oregon and even Washington, including one in Lincoln City. Frankly, McMenamins should be a part of any Oregon coast road trip.

On the opposite end of town, you’ll find Rusty Truck Brewing. Don’t get too enamored with McMenamins and overlook Rusty Truck. Their tasting room is open every day and frequently hosts events. If you’ll be staying in Lincoln City for a few days, try out both!

Another great little stop is the Black Squid Beer House! While you can't dine in there (they don't serve food) you can bring outside food and enjoy a number of locally-made craft beer, mead, cider, wine, and kombucha. Put them on your list Wednesday through Sunday, from 3 to 10--and don't miss Trivia Thursdays!

For the wine connoisseurs among us, there are…too many options. Any grocery store will present you with an economical range of local wines year-round. For a more ample selection, check out any of the local liquor stores whose staff pride themselves on catering to connoisseurs.

If you’re coming from the north, you can take yourself on a true wine-tasting tour. First, stop at Nehalem Bay Wine Company to enjoy their beautiful tasting room. Next, make sure to check out the Blue Heron French Cheese Company--they source wines from all over the state, so your Oregon coast road trip doesn’t have to turn into an exclusively wine-tasting endeavor. Finally, the Basket Case facility, owned by Twist Wines, will round out any awesome winery tour.

Local Events

The Oregon coast is never short on local events. Thankfully, the Oregon Coast Visitors Association has an easy-to-navigate calendar to help plan your Oregon coast road trip.

First, be sure to check the Chinook Winds Casino & Resort calendar. There’s a good chance they’ll be hosting a performer you’re familiar with!

Lincoln City also hosts plenty of beach activity clinics. Sign up to learn about the life inhabiting the beach, or even try your luck in a sand castle contest! And if you’re there in June or October, it’s amazing to see the sky filled with hundreds of kites--even if you don’t think you’re a kite enthusiast!

Where to Stay

An Oregon coast road trip is just a long drive without an amazing destination location to stay in! Hotels and resorts are uninspired. Why not pay the same (or less!) to stay at a beautiful, unique Oregon coast vacation rental?

With the same amenities, individual attention, more space, and a feeling of . They’re also managed by local people instead of distant corporations and can provide much more of a personal touch to your stay.

Sweet Haven Rentals boasts a wonderful lineup of homes and communities to stay in for your trip. Sign up for the Sweet Haven newsletter And if you can’t find one there that you like, check out this discount offer!

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Your Oregon Coast Road Trip

The Oregon coast is a wonderful place to drive and stay. Countless people and their families have discovered the magic of this special region.

The key to having as great of a time as possible is planning. Before you leave, spend at least a little time planning what kinds of beaches you want to see, the distinctly Oregon breweries and wineries you want to experience, what local events to attend, and where you’ll stay. But don’t plan too many details--spontaneity is still the spice of life!